Rubber Magnets

Rubber magnet is divided into homogeneous and heterogeneous, which is made by adding magnet powder and various matching agents in rubber through dense refining, calendering vulcanization and withdrawal vulcanization. It has good flatness and brightness, good abrasion resistance and high pressure resistance; the color is black, dark coffee, white, etc., thickness 0.3-10mm, width 5-600mm, length can be slit or rolled according to actual needs. Widely used in door and window sealing strip, toy industry, advertising industry, car instrument, refrigerator sticker, auto 4S4 repair store and other occasions.

Rubber Magnetic Grades List

nameBr mT (kGs)Hcb kA/m  (kOe)Hcj kA/m  (Oe)(BH)max kJ/m3 (MGOe)
Same sex magnet170-190(1.70-1.90)110-140(1.6-2.0)150-180(1.90-2.30)5-8(0.7-1.0)
Heterosexual magnets190-220(1.90-2.20)130-160(1.7-2.1)170-200(2.10-2.60)9-12(1.3-1.8)
Same-sex magnetic strip175-195(1.75-1.95)100-130(1.3-1.6)150-200(2.00-2.50)6-8(0.6-0.9)
Heterosexual magnetic strip190-230(1.90-2.30)130-170(1.7-2.1)180-250(2.20-3.00)7-10(0.8-1.2)
Anisotropic Rolled Magnetic Sheet250-285(2.50-2.85)170-200(2.3-2.6)200-250(2.75-3.00)12-18(1.6-2.1)

Physical properties of Rubber magnet

parameterRubber magnet
Curie temperature(℃)100
maximum operating temperature(℃)-40~80

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