AlNiCo Magnets

AlNiCo magnets are an alloy composed of metallic Aluminum, Nickel, Cobalt, Iron and other trace elements. There are two different production processes for AlNiCo permanent magnets: casting and sintering. The casting process can be processed and produced into different sizes and shapes; compared with the casting process, the sintered product is limited to small sizes and produces a blank with better dimensional tolerances than the cast product blank, but the magnetic properties are slightly lower than the cast product and the machinability is better. AlNiCo has a strong resistance to rust and corrosion, and the surface does not need to be plated.

Our AlNiCo magnets have stable performance and excellent quality. They are mainly used in water meters, sensors, electronic tubes, traveling wave tubes, radar, suction parts, clutches and bearings, motors, relays, control devices, generators, jigs, receivers, telephones, reed switches, speakers, handheld tools, scientific and educational products, etc.

AlNiCo Grades List

Physical properties of AlNiCo

Curie temperature(℃)760-890
Maximum operating temperature(℃)450-600
Vickers hardness Hv(MPa)520-630
Temperature Coefficient of Br(%/℃)-0.025~-0.02
Temperature coefficient of iHc(%/℃)0.01~0.03
Tensile strength(N/mm)<100
Transverse breaking strength(N/mm)300

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